by cφmφrbidity

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released February 24, 2017



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cφmφrbidity Hungary

two banshees from the cesspit of the carpathians

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Track Name: Visage
Rinsed makeup with hydrochloride
To make her visage hardly solid
Wiped the smile off her face
A piece of meat you can debase

Attack with the aim to maim
Her look will never be the same
Dissolved flesh, eroded bones
She disappears as she moans

Charring physiognomy
Revamped anatomy
Track Name: Authority
He never consumes his favorite dish raw
When no one's around, he can enjoy his chaw

"I will slowly tie your hands tight to this stake
My desire will ignite this, oh, for god's sake"

Shame, but this fire was spreading too fast
Is it me, or he is really unchaste

"The altar is smeary, needs purifying
I'll hose you down, draw you a glory with urine."

Soon, the young server was drenched in spit
Tought, he was the only one who could outwit

"We should swap sides, want to see how it goes
I'll tie this to your neck, just get off your clothes"

Later, when the pastor was finally bare
The boy took a deep breath, and pulled out the chair, shouted "AMEN"

"Look at you, having the same fate as Jud-ass
You have to think twice if you want to screw us"

The brown rope that once made the pleasure denote
Is now straining around the traitor's throat
Track Name: Truncate
Switchblade, invade
Try to make this race fade

Glean, cull, crash skull
Just to make our skin dull

Armed, be alarmed
They're blowing people apart
Track Name: Crepitus
You will raise a thicking bomb
Burried deep down in your womb
They ignite their navel cords
Detonate, impress the lords

For you, one thing is not clear
Your poor infant is nuclear
Clench your teeth and shed a tear
No one will see through your veil

Blown up balloon, filled with hate
This shouldn't be the humans fate
Wrapped in velvet, strip, inmate
Don't wait till you suffocate

Encoded in our DNA
If you don't pray, you end up prey
Obey to their deity
Dissolve into infinity
Track Name: Fowling
Place around your country a huge mist net
Capture all, make easier to ring threat

Migrating from east, following the crumbs
Catch them at the boarder by the uropygium

Nightingales locked up in jails
Swallows swallowing their pride
Doves cry under velvet veils
Illegal eagles countrywide

Flightless, spilled oil stains on their feathers
These species do not belong to kennels

Label them, pay attention for the black
This isn't angry birds, they won't attack